Monday, March 5, 2012

The Right Fit

She knew she had to get something special for her best friend's wedding shower and there was only one place she knew of that had what she was looking for: The Lingerie Shoppe.  She loved buying shower gifts there because of the quality of the merchandise and the personal attention she got from Brenda, the owner.  Plus, as an added bonus, the gift wrapping is gorgeous.  

She hadn't been in the boutique more than five minutes when she found the perfect chemise/panty set that she knew her friend would love and appreciate. She purchased the set and was watching as it was being beautifully wrapped, when Brenda asked her if she knew the brand Affinitas.  She said no, she had never heard of the brand and Brenda set out to show her.

She thought that it was a pretty bra, and she liked this particular style, but that she wouldn't even know where to start in fitting herself.  She had had a bra-fitting a few months ago at a store a few miles away, but she surmised, if that was the correct fit she never wanted to purchase a bra again. She mentioned all this to Brenda and a smile appeared on Brenda's face, "We do fittings, but we don't use a tape measure.  We fit you to what feels right for you."  This sounded very different from her last bra fitting experience, so she decided to try one on.  Brenda started with her current bra size and they went from there.  It took three attempts to find the right bra but when she did it was as if a miracle had occurred.  It fit, was comfortable and it changed the way she looked in the t-shirt she was wearing.  She desperately needed to purchase this bra, but knew, at the moment, she really couldn't afford a $65.00 bra, especially after purchasing the shower gift.  She didn't even want to look at the price, but with squinted eyes she looked at the tag.

She thought the squinting of her eyes was making her see things, so she opened her eyes wide and the price stayed the same.  Could this incredibly beautiful, great-fitting bra actually be priced at $32.00?! She changed back into her clothes and left the dressing room on a quest to find out if this was a mistake.

It wasn't a mistake.  This was the most affordable bra of quality that she had ever seen.  She was thrilled. She bought the bra and in her excitement she decided to buy two.  In addition, she found the cutest blue and white checked Affinitas bra and decided she had to have it as well.

As she left The Lingerie Shoppe with her purchases she couldn't help but smile.  She had been wearing uncomfortable bras for two decades. She had finally found one that she looked forward to putting on every day.