Monday, March 5, 2012

The Right Fit

She knew she had to get something special for her best friend's wedding shower and there was only one place she knew of that had what she was looking for: The Lingerie Shoppe.  She loved buying shower gifts there because of the quality of the merchandise and the personal attention she got from Brenda, the owner.  Plus, as an added bonus, the gift wrapping is gorgeous.  

She hadn't been in the boutique more than five minutes when she found the perfect chemise/panty set that she knew her friend would love and appreciate. She purchased the set and was watching as it was being beautifully wrapped, when Brenda asked her if she knew the brand Affinitas.  She said no, she had never heard of the brand and Brenda set out to show her.

She thought that it was a pretty bra, and she liked this particular style, but that she wouldn't even know where to start in fitting herself.  She had had a bra-fitting a few months ago at a store a few miles away, but she surmised, if that was the correct fit she never wanted to purchase a bra again. She mentioned all this to Brenda and a smile appeared on Brenda's face, "We do fittings, but we don't use a tape measure.  We fit you to what feels right for you."  This sounded very different from her last bra fitting experience, so she decided to try one on.  Brenda started with her current bra size and they went from there.  It took three attempts to find the right bra but when she did it was as if a miracle had occurred.  It fit, was comfortable and it changed the way she looked in the t-shirt she was wearing.  She desperately needed to purchase this bra, but knew, at the moment, she really couldn't afford a $65.00 bra, especially after purchasing the shower gift.  She didn't even want to look at the price, but with squinted eyes she looked at the tag.

She thought the squinting of her eyes was making her see things, so she opened her eyes wide and the price stayed the same.  Could this incredibly beautiful, great-fitting bra actually be priced at $32.00?! She changed back into her clothes and left the dressing room on a quest to find out if this was a mistake.

It wasn't a mistake.  This was the most affordable bra of quality that she had ever seen.  She was thrilled. She bought the bra and in her excitement she decided to buy two.  In addition, she found the cutest blue and white checked Affinitas bra and decided she had to have it as well.

As she left The Lingerie Shoppe with her purchases she couldn't help but smile.  She had been wearing uncomfortable bras for two decades. She had finally found one that she looked forward to putting on every day. 

Friday, February 3, 2012

Little Black Dress

She stood in front of the mirror in the dressing room surveying what she saw.  She loved this dress.  She knew it was perfect for her party tonight, but there was a problem: it looked so much better on the rack than it does on her.  She twisted and turned her body trying to make the bumps and imperfections lay flat and stay that way.    It wasn't working.  She felt ill.  Suddenly there was a light tapping on the door.  "Can I see?  Please?!"  It was her best friend, Mary.  A nice day of shopping and lunch was the itinerary.  Feeling fat and ugly was what was actually happening.  "Come in if you want to lose your lunch..."  She unlocked the door and let her friend in.  Mary stood gazing at her friend, her eyes going from her to the mirror image of her, a smile from ear to ear.  "I love it!  You look great!" Mary exclaimed.  "Don't lie," she said.  "Look at this," she said as she grabbed her mid-section, "This is disgusting and it refuses to go away!"  Mary laughed at her friend, but saw in her eyes that she was more than serious; she was devastated.  "You're being ridiculous!  You look great and you really don't need to worry about it, but I know you will."  Mary knew her friend very well and knew that this thought would not leave her head.  "You know how self-conscious I am about how I look, and I am afraid, no matter how much I love this dress, it's just not going to work," and she began to take it off.

She put the dress back on the rack and she turned to Mary, "Oh well," she stated, "On to the next stop."  "I think it is such a shame that you aren't getting that dress," her friend said.  "I think I may know how to fix the problem, if you want to come back."  She highly doubted that she would be back for the dress, and followed Mary out of the store and to her car.

"Where to next?" she asked as Mary started the car and began to drive.  "I'm taking you to The Lingerie Shoppe," replied her friend.  "Where?  Lingerie?  It's not that kind of party, Mary," she laughed.  "No, silly!  They have Spanx!"  She rolled this thought around in her head, and came to the conclusion that her best friend in the entire world thought she was fat.  "Oh, thanks a lot!" she said sarcastically.  "You'll see," Mary retorted and drove on.

As she walked into The Lingerie Shoppe she realized that this place wasn't what she thought it was.  She had known about this shop for years, but thought it to be for her grandmother and the very wealthy.  She immediately recognized that that wasn't the case at all.  It was awesome. She thought to herself that this would be a new favorite place of hers.  She turned the corner and saw the reason Mary brought her here:

Spanx.  "...Don't worry, we've got your butt covered," read the packaging, but it seemed there was something for every part of your body.  There is what everyone thinks of: the tummy sucker, but there are also camisoles, tights, things to smooth top and bottom, and the bra.  She thought the bra looked really cool and comfortable and was definitely going to come back for it.

She always thought that in order for Spanx to work you had to be extremely uncomfortable and in great pain.  One more thought she was proven wrong about.  She didn't need to be "sucked in" Brenda, the owner, explained, "You just want to be smooth," and she led her to the correct article of Spanx.

As she slipped on the undergarment she was very happily surprised.  It felt good and it did exactly what she needed it to do: smooth.  She was ecstatic.  She didn't want to take it off, so she took the tag off and put her clothes back on.

Upon purchasing her Spanx she turned to Mary and said, "Let's go get that dress!"

The party was a blast and she looked amazing. The best part was that not only did other people think she looked great, but she thought so herself.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Lingerie Shower

She was sitting at her kitchen table staring at the invitation in front of her.  She had put this off for long enough; she had to buy a lingerie shower gift for her cousin and the shower was 24 hours away.  What was she going to do?  On her way home from work yesterday she had stopped by the only lingerie store she knew about.  However, she found the secret was nothing but a waste of money.  She couldn't give her cousin something from that place; she had to find something cute and special.  After staring blankly for ten minutes she ran out of time.  She was going to be late for her hair appointment if she didn't leave then. 

It turns out she wasn't late at all.  When told that her stylist was running behind, she picked up a copy of Flower magazine and sat down.  As she was casually flipping through the pages her eye fell onto an ad for The Lingerie Shoppe.  Her eyes grew big and her heart skipped a beat.  How did she not know about this boutique?  She smiled in anticipation as her name was called to go get her hair washed.  She couldn't wait to check out The Lingerie Shoppe after her appointment.

Entering The Lingerie Shoppe her face flushed; it was beautiful.  Where to start?  She began browsing through the gowns when she heard a voice, "May I help you?"  It was the owner, Brenda.  She explained to her that she needed a shower gift and that she had no idea where to even start.  Brenda smiled; this is what she loves to do. 

After five minutes she had found exactly what she knew her cousin would love and keep forever:

She was so happy to have found this beautiful chemise and robe and thanked Brenda profusely.  The owner told her that it was a pleasure and asked her if she would like it wrapped.  Again, her eyes grew big and her heart skipped a beat; she simply assumed she would give it to her unwrapped because she knew she wasn't going to wrap it herself.  She jumped at the offer and Brenda set to wrapping. 

The wrapping was just as beautiful as the whole experience had been.  To top everything off, Brenda slipped a blue lace garter under the bow of the gift and explained that this was something the shop did for all lingerie shower and bridal gifts.  She thanked the proprietor and went on her way.  What was dread in her stomach quickly changed to excitement.  She was so glad she found The Lingerie Shoppe and was going to tell everyone she knew about it.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Mood Changer

"That's not good enough!" she screamed as she hung up her phone and walked out of Another Broken Egg in Mountain Brook Village.  Her day had not gotten off to a great start.  She woke up late this morning, so the rush that was getting two sleepy, irritable six year old boys to school was all she could take and her mood and attitude showed it.  She had planned to meet her best friend for breakfast this morning, but as the waitress was pouring her coffee her phone rang...she was to eat alone.  Her frustration became fire within her stomach; this was not going to be a great day.  She had been awake less than two hours and already wanted to climb back underneath her plush comforter and drift away.  She ate her breakfast in silent thought, attempting to calm herself and think positively.  Just as she exhaled what she thought was the last of her bad attitude her phone rang for the second was work.  There was a problem with the drapes for a client.  She knew that she was cutting it close with this client; this was the third shipment of these particular drapes and they had to be perfect.  Her reputation as a decorator was at stake.  The news that there was a problem coursed through her veins like hot lava and she exploded...the attitude was back. She fumed out of the restaurant and crossed the street to her car.  As she was stomping up the sidewalk towards her car, something sparkled out of the corner of her eye.  It stopped her in her tracks.

The vibrancy of the color, the gorgeous fabric and the amazing scarf all worked together to draw her inside for a closer look, which lead her to a dressing room and finally to the counter to take it home.  As she left this chic boutique she realized her mood had changed.  It happened without notice.  Later that day, when all was settled and it was time to go home, she thought about The Lingerie Shoppe and how, if she hadn't gone in, the obstacles of the day would surely have overwhelmed her.  She went home, tucked in her boys and slipped into her new On Gossamer chemise confident that tomorrow would be a better day.