Monday, January 23, 2012

Lingerie Shower

She was sitting at her kitchen table staring at the invitation in front of her.  She had put this off for long enough; she had to buy a lingerie shower gift for her cousin and the shower was 24 hours away.  What was she going to do?  On her way home from work yesterday she had stopped by the only lingerie store she knew about.  However, she found the secret was nothing but a waste of money.  She couldn't give her cousin something from that place; she had to find something cute and special.  After staring blankly for ten minutes she ran out of time.  She was going to be late for her hair appointment if she didn't leave then. 

It turns out she wasn't late at all.  When told that her stylist was running behind, she picked up a copy of Flower magazine and sat down.  As she was casually flipping through the pages her eye fell onto an ad for The Lingerie Shoppe.  Her eyes grew big and her heart skipped a beat.  How did she not know about this boutique?  She smiled in anticipation as her name was called to go get her hair washed.  She couldn't wait to check out The Lingerie Shoppe after her appointment.

Entering The Lingerie Shoppe her face flushed; it was beautiful.  Where to start?  She began browsing through the gowns when she heard a voice, "May I help you?"  It was the owner, Brenda.  She explained to her that she needed a shower gift and that she had no idea where to even start.  Brenda smiled; this is what she loves to do. 

After five minutes she had found exactly what she knew her cousin would love and keep forever:

She was so happy to have found this beautiful chemise and robe and thanked Brenda profusely.  The owner told her that it was a pleasure and asked her if she would like it wrapped.  Again, her eyes grew big and her heart skipped a beat; she simply assumed she would give it to her unwrapped because she knew she wasn't going to wrap it herself.  She jumped at the offer and Brenda set to wrapping. 

The wrapping was just as beautiful as the whole experience had been.  To top everything off, Brenda slipped a blue lace garter under the bow of the gift and explained that this was something the shop did for all lingerie shower and bridal gifts.  She thanked the proprietor and went on her way.  What was dread in her stomach quickly changed to excitement.  She was so glad she found The Lingerie Shoppe and was going to tell everyone she knew about it.

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